Doctoral study programme: Process Control (study branch Automation)

Graduates have knowledge and skills corresponding to the highest degree of university education: general methods of analysis, design and implementation of automatic control systems, analysis of technological devices and processes, application of information technologies, design of technical and software tools and their implementation in particular applications. They posses at appropriate level knowledge in natural and technological sciences, information technologies, management, environmental, and social sciences. They work with methods of control and analysis, design, quality assessment, and system diagnostics.

Graduate in program Process Control is a specialist in the control and management of unit processes, chemical and food technology and in control of complex technological units in the process industries. He is a specialist in the field of mass and heat transfer processes, chemical reactions, and control of biotechnological processes. Graduate of the third grade can design control, automation, and information systems on the basis of analysis of processes and technologies in the process industries. He can assess links between technological processes and control systems. He knows how to design technology solutions in the process industry, which in conjunction with the management system leads to production with large profits. He is able to work effectively in science and research. He is prepared for individual and unique challenges in the field of automation and control in the process industries.

Study program prepares a graduate for an individual creative scientific research. He is able to design, deploy, operate, and maintain technical and program systems of control systems and their components, to perform research and development in this area. Complexity of the graduate profile ensures smooth application in manufacturing and technology sectors and in information technologies.

prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc.
Scientific part
5.2.14 Automation
Process Control
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