Master study program: Automation and Information Engineering in Chemistry and Food Industry

Study form: presence
Length of study: 2 years
Academic title: Ing.
Study field: Cybernetics

Engineering study follows bachelor study. It is finished by defence of diploma work and state examination. Faculty does not open external study in 2021/2022.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the master study program Automation and Information Engineering in Chemistry and Food Industry at FCFT STU represents a highly qualified expert with unique knowledge and skills reflecting modern trends in control, automation, optimization, modeling in the process industry, informatization and digitization. During the study, the student engages in innovative project solutions to real technical problems, while gaining advanced knowledge and experience in the field of soft skills (management and work planning, technical communication, presentation of results, work with supporting software). He/she acquires the preconditions for independent and creative work in technological innovations and next-gen solutions. He will also gain invaluable contacts with industry practice and employers. The result is a highly sought-after graduate of the 2nd degree of study with applicability on the global labor market.





The study program Automation and Information Engineering in Chemistry and Food Industry has, during the 10 years of its existence, educated a number of successful graduates who have established themselves in the commercial and academic domains. For the commercial domain, it is possible to mention, for example, the following graduates: Ing. Barbora Šátková (year of graduation 2006), Ing. Ivana Hercegová (nee Rauová, 2010), Ing. Karol Ľubušký (2014) and Ing. Natália Mikušová (2017), all in Slovnaft a.s., member of the MOL group, Ing. Monika Bučková (Terneuzen; The Netherlands), Ing. Juraj Holaza, PhD. (2012) and Ing. Daniela Képešiová (nee Pakšiová, 2015), both in Honeywell; Czech republic, Ing. Martin Misenko - Volkswagen Slovakia (2017), Ing. Juraj Kukla - Innovatrics (2018), Ing. Bálint Takács, Ph.D. - Vertiv Co (2012), Ing. Jakub Jakabsic (2017), Ing. Jakub Nosko (2019) and Ing. Daniel Boroš (2019) - all in SIEMENS, Ing. Linda Dvorštiaková (nee Hanulová, 2018) - Mondi SCP, and many others. Graduates in the academic and research domains are very successful - let us mention doc. Juraj Oravec, PhD. and Ing. Martin Klaučo, PhD., who are successfully established at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, and especially Ing. Ján Drgoňa, PhD., who currently works at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the USA.

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