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  • 28.5.2024 News

    Students defended the Vertical Project

    On May, 27 the IAM students presented their results on the Vertical Project integrating the students in the 2nd and 3rd years of the bachelor’s study programme "Process Control". Each team presented the results of the Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA development. Among other goals, students in the SmartTeam identified the parameters of the greenhouse model using the extensive set of experimentally collected data. Using these data, the students designed and implemented a closed-loop controller for the internal environment of a greenhouse. Students in the MeteoTeam designed their weather station to be installed next to the solar panel of VESNA. Students also designed a printed circuit board to manage the communication of the weather station with the cloud service. Except for scientific goals, the project develops students' soft skills such as teamwork, time- and task management, and presentation skills. The students also proposed further interesting ideas on how to continue the development of the project.


  • 24.5.2024 News

    Open access to our new research article

    We are authors of a new article in the international scientific journal European Journal of Control:

    Juraj Holaza - Peter Bakaráč - Juraj Oravec: Revisiting reachability-driven explicit MPC for embedded control

    The paper investigates possibilities to accelerate the real-time evaluation of optimal controllers implemented on embedded hardware, and efficient storage of the associated control law.

  • 24.5.2024 Event

    IAM at SSCHE 2024

    The 50th International Conference of SSCHE 2024 took place in Tatranské Matliare, High Tatras, Slovakia on May 20-24, 2024. Kadir Ercan Özdemir, Marko Micherda, Matej Ružička, and Dr. Radoslav Paulen participated in the conference as representatives of IAM. They presented the contributions:

    M. Micherda – K. E. Özdemir – R. Paulen: Control of Laboratory Distillation Column with Methanol-Water Mixture

    M. Ružička – I. Helgeland – R. Paulen: Modelling and Optimal Operation of a Forward Osmosis Process

    The second presented contribution is a partial result of the cooperation of our institute with the Danish company Aquaporin A/S


  • 22.5.2024 Event

    Defenses of semestral projects at IAM

    On May 21, IAM students Tereza Almášiová, Branislav Daráš, Lukáš Chylý, Viktória Koncserová, Marko Micherda, Simona Pokorná, Ema Radačovská, Radovan Reich, Monika Řežuchová, Sofiia Serhiienko, and Erika Zsideková, defended their semetral projects.


  • 6.5.2024 Event

    FrontSeat Workshop on MSCA and ERC

    We would like to invite you to an event within the FrontSeat project, which will take place on May 14-16, 2024 in the premises of the STU Rectorate. The event will focus mainly on the Marie Sklodowska-Currie scheme (MSCA). 3 days will be divided into different thematic sessions:
    - May 14 (Tuesday) will be focused on the MSCA "Postdoctoral Fellowships"
    - May 15 (Wednesday) will focus on the MSCA "Doctoral Networks"
    Both of these days will run similarly - a seminar will take place in the morning, also including the story from the field, and a workshop in the afternoon.
    - On May 16 (Thursday), a seminar connected to the ERC will take place. We welcome a professor from UNIPI who will present his experience in the given scheme.
    The colleagues from the University of Pisa will hold the entire event.
    Registration form is available here.


  • 16.4.2024 Event

    FrontSeat Summer School at the University of Pisa

    We invite the PhD students to the summer school on "Optimization-based Control Systems: Theory & Applications" organized by the Horizon Europe project FrontSeat on September 9-13, 2024 in Pisa, Italy. The 5-day summer school will include lectures by renowned speakers, hands-on practical sessions, and a social program. The event is organized by the University of Pisa. There are no registration fees. The registration form and current information are available on the event page here.

  • 15.4.2024 News

    Open access to our new research article

    We are co-authors of a new article in the prestigious international scientific journal, Journal of Process Control. The paper presents a new approach to the optimal control of dynamic systems described by partial-differential equations. The paper is a partial result of the collaboration of our institute with Université Mouloud Mammeri in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria and Lorraine University in Nancy, France.

    Ahmed Maidi – Radoslav Paulen – Jean-Pierre Corriou: Velocity control design of hyperbolic distributed parameter systems using zeroing dynamics and zeroing-gradient dynamics methods

  • 11.4.2024 Event

    Workshop Want-ed

    In the days 13.-15.5. In 2024, the third edition of the Workshop on Advanced Technologies in Education (Want-ed) event will take place in UIAM premises. More information and registration here.

  • 10.4.2024 News

    FrontSeat Newsletter vol.3

    Subscribe to the FrontSeat Newsletter and get in touch with all of the interesting activities realized within the Horizon Europe project aimed to increase the excellence of scientific research at STU, supervised by the universities RUB Bochum in Germany and the University of Pisa in Italy. The third volume of the Newsletter is already online, so subscribe now here.

  • 18.3.2024 News
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