On Monday, September 16, 2019 at 2pm in the room 641, Karolína Jastřembská (Univerzita Pardubice) will give a lecture on "Pressure driven membrane processes: Membrane and its role in the separation".

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Abstract: An increasing consumption of water leads to growing interest in the effective water treatment. There are many strategies and technologies, which can be consider in this field. This presentation will be focused on one of them, membrane processes, especially pressure driven membrane processes.

There will be explained the basis of the pressure driven membrane processes, as a separation principle, processes which are included in this topic and differences between them also. The second part of the presentation will deal with the introduction to understanding, how important is a membrane as separation element. There will be described several membrane characterization methods, which are used for the determination of membrane degradation and fouling. Basic knowledge of the membrane structure is crucial for new process development and it can help eliminate decreasing of the process performance.

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