The 49th International conference of SSCHE 2023 took place in Tatranské Matliare, High Tatras, Slovakia on May 15-18, 2023. Rastislav Fáber, Martin Mojto, and Dr. Radoslav Paulen participated in the conference as representatives of IAM.


They presented the contributions:

R. Fáber – K. Ľubušký – M. Mojto – R. Paulen: Enhancing Industrial Data Analysis through Machine Learning-based Classification of Petrochemical Datasets

M. Mojto – K. Ľubušký – M. Fikar – R. Paulen: Comparing Linear and Nonlinear Soft Sensor Approaches for Industrial Distillation Columns

The presented contributions are partial results of the cooperation of our institute with the company Slovnaft a.s.

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