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Remote Control of Embedded Systems
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits:
Class req (2 credits)
Course contents:
1 Embedded systems : Repetition
a. general introduction , characterization , usage in practice
b. sensors and actuators
c. microcontrollers

2 Programming methods for microcontrollers: Recapitulation

3 Introduction to Web-based communication technologies
a. HTTP and structures of transferred data ( XML , SOAP , JSON )
b. software for emulation of Web services
c. most commonly used communication scenarios

4 Methods of communication with control systems
a. data acquisition from control system
b. sending data to control system and their processing

5 Network communication
a. connection of wired network module to microcontroller
b. programming of network communication

6 Wireless Network
a. connection of wireless networking module to microcontroller
b. programming of network communication

7 Connection of control system to the Internet

8 Remote control of embedded systems via Web Interface
a. creation of simple Web application for communication with microcontrollers
b. visualization of process data
c. process control via Internet

9.-12. Realization of final project

13 Presentation of final project
Facebook / Youtube

Facebook / Youtube