Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Tools of Technical Computing IV
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits:
Class req (2 credits)
Course supervisor:
doc. RNDr. Zdenko Takáč, PhD.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Students got acquainted with the fundamentals of statistics, learned to sort, process and statistically analyze one-dimensional and multidimensional data files, they know to choose the appropriate statistical method to solve a specific task and apply the method to a data file using R programming language and R Studio software.
Prerequisites for registration:
Course contents:
Recommended or required reading:
  • VARGA, Š. Matematická štatistika. Bratsilava : Nakladateľstvo STU, 2012. 219 s. ISBN 978-80-227-3789-0.
  • SCHMULLER, J. Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies. Wiley, 2017. 438 s. ISBN 978-1-119-33706-5.
  • WITTE, R.S. – WITTE, J.S. Statistics. Wiley, 2017. 480 s. ISBN 978-1-119-25451-5.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
Contact teaching: exercises 26 h Contactless teaching: preparation for exercises (study of literature, calculations) 10 h individual work on a project and its presentation 14 h
Assesment methods and criteria:
Final project defense
Language of instruction:
Slovak, English
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